Tuesday, March 15, 2005

linux revolution

for those of us who are, uhmm..... less computer friendly :) this may make no sense, but well... anyway, i think it's possible that open source OS is going to come into its own in the near future. with the profileration of high speed internet and the gathered wealth of open source projects and software that have been designed, we now have something never before: a very user-friendly open source OS. it still needs much work to read the gen populace. indeed, the very thing i love about linux is the customize-ability and individual choices, but for the gen populace they just want something that "works". distros like mandrake and suse are bridging the gap. gentoo isn't, but it isn't supposed to

"linux: not just for geeks anymore!"

Thursday, March 10, 2005

annie slays me

annie nearly gave me a hernia the other day. i'm at the pc and i hear this "chop.....................chop.........................................chop" sound. notice the ....................................... please. so i go over, and she's hand-slicing (NOT choping - mind me) almonds individually for a salad. after poking fun at her for a bit, she informed me that thinly sliced almods are much better than chopped ones. maybe she's right. but i think she took an hour to chop a cup of almonds. that girl, she's funny one. recipe's are like speed limits to her, un-debatable. to me both are more on the "suggestion" side of things

making pasta baby

title says it all. i've started making pasta like a mad man. half whole wheat, half allpurpose (NOT BLEACHE), eggs and a bit of olive oil. mix er up in el kitchenaid, roll her out on the table, cut her up with a knife, boil here in some water. put some sliced tomatoes on top with parmesan, maybe some shrooms with garlic fried in olive oil. very nice, and very very cheap. beats the crap out of store-bought dried stuff (excuse my swedish), and saves bunch of $. i need to get an attatchment for this kitchenaid so i can make it thinner and faster (annie whines and whines that "it's too thick" :) :) ). then process will go from 15minutes needed to about 2minutes maybe


instant messanger:

msn: uzibear@hotmail.com
aim: forwonderbear
yahoo: forwonderbear

i prefer msn


buying stuff online can save you big $. the problem is shipping cost usually. an answer to this is to buy a HIGHER quantity in BULK; have it sent to one person, and then that person sends it out to other people.

coffeebeandirect.com is the only one i can think off the top of my head that is good for this. 5lbs is $, but 10lbs is the same shipping price. $4/pound for good quality fresh roast coffee is a good deal. don't try to get a groupbuy going now though, cuz i've got 10lbs of this stuff :)

which brings me too:
anyone want some coffee cheap? i have columbian supremo and italian expresso

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


i have decided to stop using the email address: bryanbower@mail.com

i'm only using the email: forwonderbear@yahoo.com now as i was before

mail.com isn't working out for me